The Management of ASTILLEROS DEL GUADALQUIVIR, S.L. declares its commitment to quality, the environment and the health and safety of its workers through this Integrated Management Policy, and undertakes to disseminate it to all levels of the company and interested parties,

The main activities carried out within the scope of the System are:


The basic principles of the Integrated Management Policy of ASTILLEROS DEL GUADALQUIVIR are the following:


Experience is the best guarantee, we have extensive experience in the sector, providing all our work with the professionalism and seriousness necessary for its success. ASTILLEROS DEL GUADALQUIVIR has a team of specialized professionals, with the sole purpose of the Clients Satisfaction.

Control throughout the production process, a basic principle, both for the work carried out by our staff and for all work that is subcontracted to other companies, is applied by an exhaustive monitoring plan, with a clear orientation to continuous improvement.

Modernization, ASTILLEROS DEL GUADALQUIVIR SL is committed to the renewal and use of the latest technologies and novelties, applied in our production process.

Delivery on time, aware of being a requirement of our clients, we approach it as a cornerstone, with rigorous respect and commitment.

– Constant concern for the continuous training of our staff; ASTILLEROS DEL GUADALQUIVIR SL team is working hard to always be updated and informed of the current laws and regulations, essential aspects for the proper development of the company’s activities.

– We encourage consultation and participation of employees and their representatives in order that they can contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated management system.

– Along the same lines, we maintain our commitment to the elimination of hazards, prevention and reduction of risks that may lead to the deterioration of the health of our workers and subcontractors.


There is a commitment on the part of the Management and all the personnel of the company, of the fulfillment of the applicable legal requirements, and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, as well as the sustainable use of environmental resources, and health risks, and a continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the integrated management system.

Guarantee the human and material resources necessary to prevent contamination, protection of the environment and any environmental impact caused during the provision of services.

This policy serves as a framework for establishing the organization’s Improvement Objectives.